Le Vanguard

E10 Derby Art Faire

Sat, September 7, 2019

Le Vanguard presents: E 10 Derby Art Faire

(a.k.a. "The god dam faire") !!

Thanks to our partners and sponsors: Ale Industries, Norton Factory Studios, Redbull Music, and Noel Gallo District 5.

e10 derby

we pulled it off! our first block party in East Oakland, CA. set in fruitvale - it was pretty chill :)

while we've done other block parties, this was the first one completely 100% Le Vanguard. :)

yvng rob

rest easy bro. was an honour to see u perform 🙏

twas fun. hopefully we can do that again soon.!  ;-)

Film Photos by Goldie L.

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