Le Vanguard


Le Vanguard is an arts & music collective that supports diy (q) p.o.c artists and musicians in their creative artwork, as well as produces live events, fairs, festivals & shows for the greater community.

Le Vanguard consists of 40+ members across the country. We are currently based in Oakland, San Francisco, Berkeley, San Diego, New York City, Los Angeles, New Orleans, Austin, and Boston.


We offer production, marketing, and creative services. 

We specialize in: 
-events (music + arts)
-live experiential production
-video production
-photography (digital + film)
-illustration + paint + murals
-graphic design
-writing, poetry
-marketing (influencer + ground)

Rock with us baby.

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More information

For more background about Le Vanguard, feel free to visit our old website: levanguard.org

On our old site, you'll find articles from when we first started, as well as profiles of artists in our collective. 

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